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Discord Jeopardy 3</h1>
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to discord. jeopardy 3 i'm your host. gentle willy i'm joined via chewie larry. croft and isaac why. chewie let us know a little about. your self um uh my name is. chewie and i have almost uh seven-hundred 000. subscribers on youtube. that could be a blatant lie now not authentic. larry tell us something about your self. what did you assert hey whats up. are you good i'm joe biden uh isaac. would you uh like to tell us approximately. your self. ok all right with that being mentioned. we will commence with. our matters right here wait huh i desire to say. whatever. you simply suggested no you gotta deal with me like. a white female. isaac do you want to discuss. yourself oh that's okay. ok are you certain yeah. okay anyway am i able to hello i am isaac i am so. famous and warm. wait can i redo i certainly not do mine yeah. certain pass ahead i am so horny and warm nice.
discord uno bot ok moving on we're gonna go to. our topics for at present. shut the up we have youtube twitch. games acronyms between us and. memes acronyms acronyms alright so who. wish to start. go away me meet me without a doubt it goes. uh from left to correct delay okay uh. isaac you must start first. 800. ok in the last yr. consistent with google tendencies. it truly is the most enormously searched subject. dream pace runs that is wrong wait. what turned into the question. according to google trends that is the. maximum highly searched subject. larry corp's husband that is also. wrong did you are saying consistent with. google translate. traits oh um i've been buzzed. dangle on wait i don't have an answer. either. home puppy you ran out of time three times. in a row. can i answer anyhow due to the fact i feel i. know sure is it minecraft that's.
Wrong. oh okay what is it it is uh between us oh. yeah. it's right there in front of our faces. no. o.k. so no one got that one right. that was among us i thought you men. were smarter. you want to knock out youtube guys. 300 what 3 no larry. it truly is the 0.33 one in a row larry do. you notice 300 on that record oh. i did not understand it is going okay youtube four hundred.. after not posting for a whole 12 months. this massive gaming youtuber made a made a. return before the end of 2020.. thank you yet no isaac who is corpse. husband that also is wrong. the answer's suits who cares. carson who's carson. memes for four hundred. memes for 400. this huge. twitch streamers video blew up on. twitter dancing in a bernie sanders. shirt . isaac who is nicole that is true ah. damn it let me wager among us a thousand. within the map scaled thiis specific spot on.
The map will let you know to. take a destroy larry oh i did not even. press that. ok again to larry okay between us. a thousand. that wasn't. are you serious are you serious. are you critical this sucks i believe like. an idiot among us 800.. there are this volume of colours you may. choose between when customizing your. crewmate. isaac what percentage 13. that is incorrect. chewy 18.. what number like 15. that is additionally incorrect. the correct solution is 12.. i am getting like pity facets for being near. sure 20.. very well let me get um acronyms four hundred.. lgbtq oh. isaac lesbian gay bisexual. isaac tablets are. rad everyone oh. i don't genuinely know both yet i'll. guess drug. location cut down. erection. you were near you had one note right. yeah genuinely. no longer erection take it away larry um. drug abuse resilience definite. edward. i am unable to reflect on the last one i don't.
be aware of what the you could stand for drug abuse resistance education i reported resilience oh ok you mentioned edward you'll have gotten there all right let me get memes Six hundred. this meme is just the chunky version of a caricature bunny that become larry um oh my god i forgot his name oh my god oh my g

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