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security Contracts! when awaiting the SNOW! GTA on line !join !discord</h1>
Uh. uh. uh. uh. ah. yo shout out to king pab coming in first. yeah infant. yeah you recognize what i want within the chat. flip me up. flip me each of the manner. is up. yeah. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. in four. 3. two. one howdy yo. what's going on all people it's tylarius. aka ty killington. yeah. ah. it is simply. ah. what up. oh. yeah. yeah a correction has been made you just. want 2 hundred. contracts now to max out your daily. income. however the daily income is 20 grand iinstead. of 50.. so simply comprehend that yeah 2 hundred now. the information has been released definite. Two hundred. it's not 500 contracts yeah it's. 2 hundred.. so yeah i've already executed uh like 20. up to now that's. it is the vacations guy i am busy i was. i had mexican nutrition for the first time. today in like two months in order that turned into. terrible day that you'll see. you recognize once you move on a healthy diet. for a while dude you only cannot devour.
these foods not more man it's no good. for you. it is just no good. no s nada i'm gonna i am gonna kick it. off wherein to start a uh. we're gonna commence with a uh. hello phone project. yo what you wish. alright. i'll ask round to get back to you. do it. hi there. you men listen me ok video game sound okay. you guys pay attention me ok video game sound ok. is there an echo is there an echo. is there an echo. it's so silly. you ever heard of this exhibit called. closet ceo but some billionaire. pretends to be one of his broke ass. workers for an afternoon or two yet retain. considering that aand then consider. the ceo of goold coast progress this. dude is a worldclass union. busting poor working stipulations. corruption intimidation man you call it. and check this out now you're about to. throw some overalls and play nice for. the employees on his site for the cameras.
Now full disclosure i did a few work a. while ago that gave this marketplace. significance a boost yet that changed into before i. heard what a piece of this [ __ ]. surely is so when a shopper came to me. with a suggestion to make a few expenditures off. liquiddating his ass guy i said hell yeah. our client gonna short the out the. goold coast progress stock and we gon. ice this idiot whilst he is playing. creation employee for this dumb ass. exhibit the inventory tank our purchaser get prosperous. we receives a commission if we make it look like he. died because of a few damaging stipulations. on his web site makes it even better nice. no no buzz cut oh yeah i ultimately got me. a suitable received me a suitable fade bro. looking well guy look at that look at. that proper. appropriate fade it's well it appears genuine good. it is not it is not it simply feels like. it's buzzing up buzzer. yeah i used to be in there continuously i used to be like.
pay attention this is not correct to procure to get. this a little tighter a little bit. you recognize yeah. i needed to get it right for the holidays. thank you smokey. you recognize mel's having a celebration later good day. smokey missed hilarious reported thank you man. i used to be showing her the the donations. she inspiration that became really cool man for. real. thanks a great deal bro seriously that. become accomplished. oh returned flip returned turn yeah come on come. on get it oh. so near jesus christ. honorable machinery at that site plenty. of it hanging enormously close to persons if. you catch my float. i believe i did this one any other day. i have had a mohawk already. oh it's your birthday bro nice comfortable. birthday guy hell yeah. oh smokey it's terrific you have no idea . everyone too it was it become awesome. yeah yeah yeah we all know what to do on. this we just received thiis done any other day.
we all know what to do. we gonna need to shoot. are you able to i wonder whether you can use your personal. sniper rifle. you know what i imply

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