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Let's Build a Discord Bot Utilizing DiscordJS - Moderator Bot

Let's talk about bots no longer the undesirable BOTS. like the bots or anything like that. let's talk about BOTS for good BOTS that. might actually help out bots that can help you. out in the course of your flow or how about your. discord server a swamp tech no Tim and. today we're gonna discuss bots so. what are BOTS good bond is just brief. for robot and at present we're gonna talk. approximately program bots or robots program. bots should help out in many different. approaches. you may now not are aware of it but you interact. with bots all the time even if it's bots. on twitter bots on twitch or even mots. on discord so we are not gonna talk about. the bots that could be used for bad like. for viewbotting or in flooding your view. count number at present we're gonna discuss bots. that will help out so if you're not. accustomed to discord discord is a big. chat and voice and video client it's.
Used by make discord bot 's utilized by programmers. it's used by many people and it. facilitates you connect to your community. you may have your individual discord server. create your personal channels create subjects. and invite your folks to your discord. server in there they are able to chat with. others hook up with others and meet up. it's aa really easy way to stay. related to a great number of your folks and a. lot of your communities there appears to. be a discord server for nearly any topic. you may contemplate and we even have one to. placed the hyperlink in the description under. and iif you run a discord server you know. that folks don't always publish where. they are imagined to or what they're. supposed to and moderation can take a. lot of effort and time from a number of. persons and that is in which a discord bot. can genuinely help out so there are a lot.
Of arts accessible there are bots to assist. you deal with absolutely anything so at present. I'm gonna show you methods to build. your personal BOTS in your possess server. we'll begin with nothing well I have a. couple of features and within a few. minutes you may upload this bot to your personal. server so let's now not write in so. obviously you would like a discord account and. a discord server after that hop into the. discord developer portal and let's. create a new software so we're right here. creating your application I'm gonna call. this techno bot. we created it. okay let's deliver it an outline okay. once we name them gave them an icon. let's cross into the bot part let's. click upload a bond right here we are gonna. uncheck public Bob due to the fact we in basic terms want. to add them to our server okay subsequent. we are gonna copy the token it truly is like. your password so retain this mystery ok.
So let's visit the oauth2 tab we're. gonna select bought for our scopes and. then we're gonna deliver some permissions. to our bottle so robots gonna be able to. send messages manage messages as well as . read message historical past then this builds a. URL that you can use to sign up and. invite your bot to your individual server so. let's replica this URL once you go to this. URL that's the invite link for the bot. you have to choose your server after which. authorize them then open your discord. server and you need to see your bot right here. is he's offline that is because we. haven't written any code but so now. let's construct our bot we're gonna build a. easy bot utilizing disk fantastic so we're. gonna write our bot in JavaScript and. disk or J s and a few instructions so considering the fact that. we are constructing this application in. JavaScript I must add a package.json.